HADDOCK Revolved Album Cover

KilGore is so packed with synthesizers, sound effects & drums that this was the hardest track to get under control.  The loudness factor was killing us & was like some crazy audio puzzle to figure out.  

Blending multiple elements, from movie-type sounds & effects, to multiple layered synths, to big drums wasn't an easy task to accomplish.  It took a lot of listening & the talent of Greg behind the board to bring everything out in the mix as it was needed.  

The other element to overcome was keeping the 2 time signatures from clashing with each other.  In the opening of the song the first rhythm is in 4, but the drums come in playing in 7, so if you listen closely, every 4 bars the rhythm resets itself over & over again.

KilGore was one of the most fun songs I have ever put together - from making a time signature in 7 rock hard, to using my mod wheel like an X-box controller for the scratching solo section.  It was so fun, that the name had to come from the most kick-ass little wind up robot villain ever from the cartoon "My Life As A Teenage Robot".