Cave Thing



HADDOCK Revolved Album Cover

As told by Jer from SleepingBagStudios (read the full review at http://sleepingbagstudios.ca/haddock-revolved/)

At its outset, “Cave Thing” starts out as potentially menacing as “Astro Creep 2000” by White Zombie once did. Thankfully, it’s much more akin to something you’d find in the music Apartment 26…you know, just the right amount of danger and darkness and without the pointless vocals that only took away from that incredible song…that kind of thing. I don’t know if the “Cave Thing” is a specific creature or not…but it certainly sounds like a formidable beast! Definitely a little more of what you might typically expect to find within traditional electro-music as opposed to some of the other material on the rEVOLVED EP, but still expertly assembled and still a viably great beat. In many ways, I can see this being one of the most latched-onto beats HADDOCK has created on the EP as this one will certainly appeal to a lot of the electro-fans out there no matter which sub-genre they claim to ONLY listen to.