HADDOCK Revolved Album Cover

Brake is a mix of every possible piece of percussion equipment we could get our hands on for the recording session.  Each part was played from beginning to end until it was right.  We didn't feel that looping any of the percussion parts would capture what the idea of the song was.

In the beginning the base electronics of the song were created with a looped drum set sample in order to get a feel,  but as we thought it just didn't seem to come alive.  In the studio we recorded a Cajon (a Mexican box drum) for the entire song (my hands were KILLING me!), which gave that "snappy" snare sound that you hear with a little of the base frequency as we put a beta 91 in the back a SM57 about 4" away from the front and a Rhode NT-1 as a room mic.  

Next to record was the Conga and Bongo pattern which were super fun to play.  On this one we just mic'd like you would toms on the kit. Sennheiser MD 421's for the close and back to a pair of NT-1's for the room. 

"What!!! Timbales on this track?" is what my told Corey my engineer.  His idea, and it turned out amazing.  Little did I know that his plan was to take the recording and invert it, and bend it, and distort it, and ... If you want to recognize it, it is the sound that is like a flappy low end tone within the few seconds of the song & then mixed in throughout

Lastly it was time to put the drum set in the mix. I wanted to play about 3 different styles, but I had to settle on just the one super busy funk kind of thing. 

After all of this stuff was included and mixed, we still thought it was missing something, so searching through my favorite Korg I stumbled on the most perfect sound and this is what had turned out to be what I feel is main hook of the song located at ______.  I can't imagine this song without it now.

We are very proud of this song and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.