Practice keeping a steady beat, but replace the


pulse of the metronome

HADDOCK is the alter ego of studio & live drummer JonoMagro.  Formed officially in 2013, the songs of HADDOCK have been played for the last 10 years or so.  "The original purpose of these songs was to practice keeping a steady beat, but replace the super boring and EAR KILLING pulse of the metronome with something more interesting" - Jono says. As time evolved so did the songs and composition level.  The boundaries of what was possible in the electronic domain started to be pushed forward, and the songs became more than just a practice tool.

To move the songs from practice to performing - the drum kit needed to be modified and altered to become more of a control center that could be hit...hard!  After multiple configurations and what seemed to be a never ending construction project, the rEVOLVED drum kit was finally complete. 

A control center that could be hit...HARD!

A seasoned professional drummer, Jono has spent over 2,000 hours behind the kit in the recording studio and years on stage with big productions playing for theme parks and universities in Florida.  "This has given me access to some of the best musicians and production teams on the planet!"

The vision of HADDOCK is to re-MIX, re-ARRANGE & rEVOLVE any song played live.  HADDOCK will take on a new life of its own at every show.  The idea is to form a completely different band at each live event while keeping the momentum and the blast your face off beat going to very end.  From fan participation to performing with the best musicians in the local scene, HADDOCK is poised to deliver a brand new type of live experience.